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Browning Safe Rebates from Nashville Safe House

Add Savings on a new Browning Safe with Browning Safe Rebates on all Browning ProSteel and Pro Series Safes now through December 31st from The Safe House, the largest Browning Safe Dealer in the United States with over 500 Safes in stock of all shapes and sizes. Click on this link to download the Browning Safe Rebates flyer. Once you select the safe that best fits your security needs, we will help process your Browning Safe rebate from Browning.







Browning ProSteel Pro Series Gun Safes

All Pro Series Safes incorporate all of Browning’s most trusted security features, including a heavy-duty steel body for unmatched strength. The outer finish is flawless and surrounds a luxuriously appointed interior that is versatile and attractive to the eye placed in any safe room or storage area. Visit this link to see much of our Browning Pro Series Gun Safes.

Browning Jewelry Safes

The new 2020 Browning Jewelry Safe models have arrived just in time for the 2019 Holiday Season. Get the best protection for a Safe full of Gold, protecting all your valuables from the bad guys who break into homes and businesses, an unexpected structural fire, or unpredictable damaging weather.

About the Safe House

The Safe House is a family-run business now serving customers throughout the Southeast United States in Nashville and Knoxville TN with our newest store in Atlanta, GA, and online at The Safe House Store. We are proud to have served our customers for over 25 years with the largest and best selection of quality Home Safes, Jewelry Safes, Gun Safes, Commercial Safes, Business Safes, Vault doors with over 500 safes in stock from fourteen safe manufacturers. We are the place to buy a safe in Tennessee and the Southeast United States. We also manufacture and sell The Safe House Storm/Tornado shelter. We fully understand the importance of carrying only top quality products that offer you the best value for your money.


Browning Safe Tax Refund Rebate

The Browning 10% Tax Refund Rebate is back! This popular Browning sale gives you extra savings beginning March 1st through April 15th on select Browning Safes. All Browning Prestige Gun Safes, Medallion Gun Safes, the Hawg 49 and Hellscanyon 65 Gun Safes.

The Safe House is the largest Browning Safe Specialty Dealer in the Southeastern United States with over 500 safes in stock. Browse our Nashville Safe House website or drop by the largest Safe Showroom in the Southeast.

Visit this link to view and download the Browning Tax Rebate.


Save Over 25% Off On Select Browning ProSteel Safes!

Monday November 27 starts the Nashville Safe House Green Monday Sale Browning ProSteel Safes!  Save over 25% on select Browning ProSteel Safes.  Also, Browning is running their “Steel of a Deal ”  Promotion with up to a $100 rebate on all Browning models.  Drop by our showroom or go to our Browning Safes here on our website. and check out our best pricing of the year.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Selecting the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier is easy for the Nashville Safe House. For over 22 years offering the largest selection of Gun Safes and Security Safes in the country, our customers have been telling us for years which gun safe dehumidifiers work best. Here’s what thousands of gun safe owners have shared with us about their own experiences using gun safe dehumidifiers to protect their guns and ammo.

One of the most important accessories that you can purchase for you safe is a dehumidifier.  Dehumidifiers come in different forms.

Metal Bar Dehumidifier

Metal Bar Dehumidifiers

First is a metal bar that heats up and controls the moisture in your safe.
A few different brand names are , Dri Rod, GoldenRod, Safe Saver, and the Browning Ever Dry. This product works by slowly heating the temperature of the air inside the safe to between 100 – 150 degrees F.   The process of heating the air is intended to keep moisture from collecting on the items in your safe. It also heats up the contents like the metal on your guns and makes it more difficult for moisture to collect on the metal of your guns. Many gun owners have been happy with this method for years.

Here is a description of how a GoldenRod actually works from their website:  “The guns above the GoldenRod are bathed in constantly warm, dry air if the GoldenRod® is mounted horizontally at the bottom of the safe functions 24 hours a day.  Air that is warmed rises up through the guns and is replaced by cool air creating a constant cycle of air movement.  In the process, the temperature of the metal parts in the guns are increased slightly (about 3 degrees) -just enough to eliminate the tendency of cold metal to condense moisture of the damp air. Wood parts are maintained at a warmth level that discourages moisture from building up on embedding and other metal-to-wood contact areas. These are the most vulnerable to rust, corrosion, and pitting. They are also the most difficult to detect in a routine gun inspection. With the GoldenRod® on guard, this condition is eliminated. GoldenRod® is the safest method of controlling and eliminating dampness. Plug it in and forget about it.”

The efficient Peet Dehumidifier

PEET Dryer Dehumidifier

If you have a tougher moisture problem in your safe we recommend the PEET Dryer , This product works similar to the metal bar heating system but moves the heated air around at a much higher rate.  It works up to a 80 cubic foot safe or cabinet and only uses 15 watts of electricity.


EVA DRY Dehumidifier

The popular EVA DRY Dehumidifier

The second type of Dehumidifier is a product that absorbs moisture and holds it in a container until reactivated or removed from the safe.   This type of product ranges from simple desiccate bags to metal or plastic units that can be heated to release the moisture and then reused in the safe again multiple times.  The most popular name brand of this type product is the EVA DRY dehumidifier and they come in a E333 or E500 model.  This product absoYou can use multiple units in a safe to control higher levels of humidity.  The biggest advantage of this type of product is that it is not powered and sits in the safe until if needs to be reactivated , the only drawback is that you must make sure to reactive the unit when it becomes saturated with moisture.
For severe moisture problems there are powered units that actively extract moisture from the air.  These units are powered and need a power source to operate. The EVA DRY PDV 1100.

Browning Steel of a Deal Safe Discounts Doubled by The Safe House

We are Doubling all Browning Safe Discounts celebrating 24 years of being Nashville’s Largest Gun Safe Dealer and Showroom. The Browning Steel of a Deal  Safe Sale is now in progress beginning April 1st thru April 30th.

The Safe House will match all Browning Safe Discounts for Double Savings! The Safe House is the largest Browning Safe Dealer in the United States. We have over 500 Safes in Stock with over 150 on display in our Nashville Showroom. We offer professional in home delivery and factory authorized service. We are the only Browning Pro Series Dealer in Tennessee. Call Us at 615-255-0500 with any questions you might have. Drop by and visit the largest showroom of Gun  and Security Safes in the south.

Browning Pro Series Safes incorporate all of Browning’s most trusted security features, plus a heavy duty 3/16″ steel body for unmatched strength. The outer finish surrounds a luxurious appointed interior that is versatile and beautiful. Browning’s Pro Series Collection showcases MAX Locking Bolts®, MAX Locking Corner Bolts®, DPX Storage Solution®, and DPX Scope Savers®, Increased Fire Ratings, & Axis Adjustable Shelving®, LED Interior Lighting & Electrical Outlets in most models, these added features will offer more versatility and convenience than ever before! Browning’s revolutionary patents differentiate Browning Pro Series security safes from other ordinary safe brands. The Browning Pro Series & Custom Collection comes with NEW Industry leading ThermaBlock® Fire Protection Technology. Browning Pro Series safes are committed to ensuring your valuables are protected. Sturdy, formed door frame perimeters are reinforced for a rigid, pry-resistant structure. Most of Pro Series’ locking systems utilize a cam and linkage system that diverts pounding and prying forces away from the lock. Browse our Browning ProSteel Safe line up and see why Browning is ” The Best There Is”.






Largest Gun Safe in the World at Nashville Safe House

The largest gun safe in the world is on display at the Safe House, the largest showroom of gun safes and security safes in Tennessee. It’s called the Big Yellow Safe, and it’s manufactured by Champion Safe Company here in the United States. My first impression, when I walked up to it, was wondering how long did it take to build this extra large gun safe. The large size combined with it being a fully operational safe is quite impressive. This gun safe weighs 4,000 pounds and is 10 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Here are some specifications and security ratings for this Champion gun safe.

Largest showroom of Gun Safes in Tennessee

Largest showroom of Gun Safes in Tennessee

World’s Largest Gun Safe.
Weighs 4,000 pounds.
Is 240 cubic feet in size.
With up to 2 layers of fire insulation.
Has 24- 2 1/2 door bolts.
A 10 gauge door.
A gauge shell.
With forklift cutouts at the base to allow for moving.
Will hold up to 300 guns or 144 tons of gold.
Dimensions are 10 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep.
The fire rating for this safe could not be tested because no furnace is large enough to fire test it.

The Safe House delivers gun safes anywhere in Tennessee

The Safe House delivers gun safes anywhere in Tennessee

To get a look at the largest gun safe in the world built by Champion Safe Company, you can visit the Safe House just outside of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The Safe House has been selling gun safes in Tennessee for over 20 years. We have customers who drive from all the surrounding states of Tennessee to see our showroom with over 500 safes in stock. You will find Champion Gun Safes, Superior Gun Safes, Safe Guard Gun Safes, Browning Gun Safes, Fort Knox Gun Safes, and American Security Gun Safes all here in Tennessee.

The Safe House has been an authorized dealer for Champion Safe Company since its beginning.

The Safe House has been an authorized dealer for Champion Safe Company since its beginning.

Drop by and visit the largest safe showroom in Tennessee any day of the week except on Sunday. We are just outside of downtown Nashville. The world’s largest gun safe from Champion Safe Company will be on display all through the summer and into fall.

You can email or call us with any questions you might have about our selection of security and gun safes.