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Vault Doors & Panic Rooms from The Safe House

Our Vault Door and Panic Room business has been booming this past year and we wanted to share a few things with you concerning the things to consider when purchasing a Vault Door or Security Door.

1st:  Just like a Home Safe or Gun Safe ,Pick a door to fit your needs, when choosing a Vault Door there are many things to consider,  Size of the door, Metal Thickness , number of Locking Bolts and their Size , In Swing or Out Swing .  ( In Swing is better on a Storm Shelter or Panic Room )  What Brand to choose.  Will I need my door installed or can I do it myself?

Fort Knox VD Blue      FK IS VD Inside

2nd : Pick a brand that you know is reputable and will stand behind their warranty if needed.  Be wary of online companies that have statements on their websites that seem to be to good to be true, because they usually are.

3rd:  When designing your safe room pick a door before you get to the building phase of your project , most Vault Doors and Security Doors have different rough opening requirements and you need to make your door opening to fit the brand you choose, nothing is worse ( well maybe somethings ) than having the wrong rough opening for you door and it not fitting correctly or not at all.

Amsec VD OutSwing

4th: Who can install my door?  The Safe House offers professional Vault Door Installation and can help you with a smooth and easy installation of your Vault Door.

5th:  Call or Drop by The Safe House , for over 23 years we have been helping our customers in selecting the correct Vault Door to fit their needs and budget . We would be happy to answer YOUR questions or concerns you have in selecting the correct door.

Browning IS Plain Front           20160701_151539         Vault Pro Front          Browning IS Open          Amsec VD OutSwing           Browning IS VD

These are a few pictures of Vault Door and Panic Room installations that we have done this year.  Let us help your choose the door thats best for you and your family.


Uncle Safe no hat The Safe House   Don’t Trust your Security to just any Company , Call The Safe House today !


The Safe House featured on News 2 Nashville:

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