Storm Shelters

The Safe House Storm Shelters are manufactured right here in Middle Tennessee with the finest in materials and construction techniques and it includes our exclusive Safe House Vault Door. We provide your family vault like protection during a storm. Our shelters exceed FEMA 320 Standards. We build our products with your families’ safety in mind. The Safe House is located in Nashville Tennessee and for over 27 years we have been providing families like yours safety and security for what they value most.

           Put Your family in Tennessee’s only “Safe House” Storm Shelter.


Tornado Shelters by The Safe House have been designed and engineered to SURPASS FEMA 320/361 guidelines, and ICC 500 specifications. They are manufactured to the HIGHEST STANDARDS of quality:

  • Built with 3/16 inch (7 gauge) steel, its impossible to penetrate by anything a tornado can throw at it
  • Exclusive “Safe House” Vault Door with 6 – 1 inch locking bolts, provides vault like protection for your family, door is fully tested to meet or exceed all FEMA 320 Specifications
  • Lighted Keypad with Key Over Ride
  • Door opens inward so you won’t be trapped
  • Handicap accessible door- no stairs to climb down !
  • Available in custom or standard sizes
  • Anchored to your concrete slab floor
  • Extra – reinforced 2 inch square tube frame (1/4 inch walls) runs throughout the inside of the shelter
  • Surpasses FEMA 320 / 351 specs for EF-5 tornado safety

We offer the following standard sizes and can build a size to fit your needs.

  FEMA                                   OUTSIDE                            UNIT                LIST

Recommended                     DIMENSIONS                      HEIGHT            PRICE



2                                         3  X 5                                      80″                 Call for Price

4                                         4’X 6’                                      80”                  Call for Price

6                                         4’X 8’                                      80”                  Call for Price

7                                         6’X 6’                                      80”                  Call for Price


Safe House Extra Tuff , Includes ¼ side wall panels

4                                    4’X 6’                                     80”                Call for Price

6                                    4’X 8’                                     80”                Call for Price

7                                    6’X 6’                                     80”                Call for Price

9                                    6’X 8’                                     80”                Call for Price

12                                  8’X 8’                                     80”                Call for Price

16                                  8’X10’                                    80”                Call for Price

Prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in steel prices.  Please call for exact price when ordering. 

50% non-refundable deposit required at the time of order


Our Shelters are perfect for existing homes and new construction. The unit is delivered as a single piece unit , moved into place and bolted down using 5/8” hardened concrete anchors, the process usually only takes a few hours. It makes a great addition to any home , garage or workshop. Having a safe room built for your home can help provide “near-absolute protection” for you and your family from injury or death caused by the dangerous forces of extreme winds such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to give you more information about what makes the “Safe House” Storm Shelter the best of its kind.

View the Testing of the ProSteel Vanguard Tornado and Security Door that is featured on The Safe House Storm Shelter


Shelters secured with 5/8 inch concrete anchors

Shelters secured with 5/8 inch concrete anchors


Shelters vented on both ends and include an electrical box


Shelters professionally installed by The Safe House crew.



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