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The Safe House is the Largest Browning Pro-Series Specialty Gun Safe Dealer in the U.S.
Pro Series Safes are a special gun safe line offered by Browning that is available only through select dealers —  for the sole purpose of providing you with the highest quality products and after-sale service.


Pro Series dealers are specially selected to go the extra mile and:
• Assist in the careful customization of your safe
• Provide delivery of your gun safe in a professional and safe manner, using the best in heavy furniture moving equipment and techniques to assure your safe is installed safely in your home.
• Pro Series dealers are professionals carrying the appropriate insurance for handling your new safe.



Selecting a Browning Pro Series safe. One key comparison feature you will want to give extra attention to is a safe’s construction. By this we mean how the safe is put together . . . particularly the door. The mechanism that includes the bolts and the way they actually lock the door to the safe is critical. So is the way the door frame is built in order to resist prying.  Overall strength and massiveness of the materials themselves are key. Each factor contributes to the level of safety you are getting. The difference in security that you get between a bottom-of-the-line safe compared to a top end  safe is so wide that you must know what you are looking for — and what features you need — to make the correct decision. In all the confusion it is important to remember that not all gun safes are really “safes.”

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