Gardall LCF3214 Cash Management Safe


  • ½” plate steel door.
  • 1/8” thick body.
  • Independent re-locker.
  • Anti fish sawtooth baffle.
  • Excellent for mounting in delivery vehicles.
  • Mounting holes pre-drilled.
  • Laser cut door for exact fit.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 14 x 14
  • Weight: 136 lbs

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LCF-3214CC-11Gardall LCF3214 Cash Management Safe

This Gardall LCF3214 double door depository safe features a b-rating which means the body is 1/8″ thick and the door is made of 1/2″ steel plate. This has a double door. The top chamber is for money drops and the bottom is for storing cash trays. Other security features include an independent re-locker, anti fish sawtooth baffle and laser cut door for exact fit. This is a great safe for mounting in delivery vehicles. There are mounting holes pre-drilled into the bottom of the safe for anchoring to the floor which is highly recommended.



IMPORTANT! These safes are built with the intent of keeping large bills and valuables out of unprotected areas, until deposits can be made. They are not meant to be used as unprotected storage safes for overnight, or lengthy periods of time.

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Weight 136 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 14 in


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