FortKnox Defender Series Gun Safe


  • UL Listed
  • Certified, 1680°F in 90 min. inferno fire protection
  • 1¾” Reinforced Fire Door (1/4″ steel plate, 2 layers of fireboard 10-gauge reinforcement)
  • Quadrafold™ door frame with recessed door
  • 1/8″ thick steel ( 10 Gauge ) Unibody construction
  • Up to 20–1½” diameter active locking bolts
  • Patented rack & pinion gear drive locking mechanism.

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Fort Knox Safe Company:

Made In America The Safe House


We take pride in developing safes with the most innovative engineering, designs and manufacturing process.

Defender Series Features:

Fk 7251 Sandstone Elite

Fk 7251 Sandstone Elite

THE DEFENDER SERIES IS A PROTECTOR VAULT WITH A 10 GUAGE BODY AND A DURABLE ZOLATONE FINISH AS A STANDARD FINISH ,   this creates a practical vault designed for the rough shop type environment.  Durability and practicality with the most sizes available only occurs in a Fort Knox Vault. If a gloss finish is wanted it can be added as an upgrade.

FORT KNOX IS THE ONLY MANUFACTURE that allows you to build a vault to meet your needs; Remember that your safe will never be quite large enough, similar to a garage . So look at what you think you may want and then move one size larger for added years of enjoyed security.



  • UL Listed.
  • Certified 1680ºF/90 minute fire protection.


icon-fire Full Fire Protection- CLICK to VIEW

Fort Knox’s Inferno Shield 90 is tested to keep the inside of the vault under 350 degrees. UL Listed c-rated fireboard insulation is used on all six sides and behind the hinges to eliminate hot spots or hot pockets. Heat sensitive expanding fire seal expands to seal around the entire door on all Fort Knox vaults & safes. In addition to the high-grade UL listed fire-board and deep bend box, a dead air space is manufactured into the vault which acts as a thermal barrier, much like a thermal pane window, to give added protection. This design provides fire protection at 1680 degrees in 90 minutes.

FK Triple Smoke Seal

FK Triple Smoke Seal

  • 1 3/4″ Reinforced Fire Door (1/4 ″ steel plate, fire-board & 10 gauge steel reinforcement)
  • 1/8″ ( 10 Gauge ) thick steel Uni-dody construction.
  • Quadrafold™ door frame with deep recessed door

icon-steelSecurity Options: CLICK to VIEW


  • Up to 20 – 1 1/2″ diameter active door locking bolts strategically placed at sides, top & bottom of door
Gear Drive Bolt System

Gear Drive

  • Patented rack & pinion gear drive locking mechanism.
  • Drill Deflector Bolt Guard
  • Bolt Detent
  • EasyGlide™, concealed ball-bearing hinges.
  • Drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings.
  • Remote Re-locker
  • Dehumidifier
  • S&G Group II manipulation resistant lock, spy-proof & key lock dial.

S & G Gold Dialing

  • Door Accessory Panel
  • Internal Power Supply


Interior Fabric Options:

  • Carpeted or Velour interior including side walls and door panel.
Fk Interior Carpet

Carpet Interior Colors

Fk Interior Velour

Velour Interior Colors


Interior Configurations: 

FK 1:2 Interior



Color Options:

Gloss Finishes:

FK Gloss Paint 1 FK Gloss Paint B WhiteFK Gloss Paint 3

Textured Finishes:

FK Textured Paint

Trim Options:

FK Trim 1 FK Trim 2Fk Trim Opitons 3


Popular Safe Options:


  • Corner Bolts upgrade
Star Corner Bolts

Corner Bolts

Pull Handle:

FK Gold Pull Handle

Gold Pull Handle

Add a convenient handle to assist in opening your safe door






Exterior Hinges:



The exterior hinges with finial caps allow the door to open wider to give you easier access to your protected items. Add to the look of your safe with this no charge option


Left Hand Hinge Option:

Left Hand Hinge

Left Hand Hinge

When you order your safe, you have the option of having your safe door hinged on the standard right side or the left side, you decide.







Electronic Locks:

S & G Electronic lock

S & G Electronic lock









Deluxe Package:

Deluxe-Package (1)


Increasing both the steel thickness in the body of the safe as well as the door creates a more secure safe. The Deluxe Package is one of our most popular options and creates an unmatched barrier. Increase the steel in your safe door and safe body with the Fort Knox Deluxe Package.


Inner Stell Liner :



For added security and maximum protection, Fort Knox offers an option of additional 10 gauge steel plates to line the inner walls of your safe. Between 1 and 4 layers of steel security can be added to add additional barrier for any burglar trying to breach the inside of the safe. The industry leading security really becomes unmatched with the Inner Steel Liner.

Safe Body Upgrade:



Your safe is the last line of defense for your valuables. With your Fort Knox safe you can now increase the steel thickness of the safe body up to a category II or III rated steel body! For the most protection, make sure that your safe has the Fort Knox Body Upgrade.


Stainless Steel Package


The stainless steel package reinforces the body and door of the safe with a 10-gauge stainless steel barrier for optimum protection against a torch attack. Safe must have a reinforced steel liner and reinforced fire door. Standard on Legend Series.


Armaknox Ballistic Metal


Three times harder than regular steel, the heavy 7 gauge ArmaKnox AR 500 steel gives the safe the ability to withstand 3 shots from a .44 magnum pistol.





Additional information

Weight 1879 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 41 × 72.5 in
Interior cubic feet



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