Dri Rod 18 inch Electrical Dehumidifier


  • 18″ Long  Rod
  • Comes with the Plug Disconnected for Easy Feed through Hole of your Safe
  • Not Meant for Outdoor Use
  • Do Not Immerse in Water
  • Mounting screws and brackets included

Dri Rod Dehumidifier * 

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Due to high shipping costs we do not ship to U.S. states of WA, OR and CA


Dri Rod 18" Dehumidifier


Dri Rod 18″ Electrical Dehumidifier

The Dri Rod Dehumidifier works off a rather simple principle. The rod will heat up to a surface temperature of 125°F and circulates warm air throughout the enclosure. The warm air rises, while the cool air drops. With this constant air circulation process it eliminates musty smells and dampness and the content in the safe, closet or other enclosure will be protected from rust, mildew etc., as well as dries out any moist air within the safe. Installation is easy. You can simply place it horizontally on the bottom of your safe or closet, or for maximum results, mount it on the side wall 6-8 inches from the floor. Mounting brackets and screws are included in the package.




Dri Rod Dehumidifier

Dri Rod Electrical Dehumidifier


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