Browning Sporter Series SP20 20 Gun


  • Standard Size
  • 20 Gun Capacity
  • 1400º 60 Minute Fire Rating
  • 8 bolts (5 active)
  • DPX Half Door Storage
  • Heavy 12 Gauge Steel
  • Dimensions 24w x 58h x 19d
  • Weight 410 lbs

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Browning calls this “The Closet Safe”-  The trim dimensions make it ideal for placing it in a closet to keep it hidden from curious eyes.

Key Features

  • 1400°F/60 min. fire protection
  • Thick 1″ formed door with two-sided locking bolts
  • DPX Storage System on top half of door back

Sp15 DPX 1/2 door

Anti-Pry Features

  • 12-gauge steel body
  • 1″ chromed locking bolts with three-sided door coverage. 4 active bolts, 8 total
  • Fully reinforced integrated door frame
  • Tight-tolerance door fit
  • 1″ formed door

Additional Security Features

Force Deflector Cam System

Force Deflector Cam System

    Force Deflector

The Force Deflector Locking System (patent pending) prevents bolt or handle forces from reaching the lock by using a rotating cam device. It prevents energy transfer to the lock better than most systems used in the safe industry.

Force Deflector.

  • Hardened steel pin lock protection
  • UL tool attack listed
  • UL Group II lock with five-year limited warranty

Interior/Convenience and Appearance Features

  • Deluxe three-spoke handle
  • Elevated floor makes removing guns easier
  • Scroll graphic on the door
  • DPX Storage System on top half of door back

1400°/60 min. Standard Fire Protection

  • Tested at 1400°F for 60 minutes
  • Two layers of 1/2″ fire-resistant insulation in the body and door
  • Palusol® expanding fire seal


Thermablock Fire Protection

Thermablock Fire Protection


Additional information

Weight 410 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 58 × 19 in


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