Browning SecuRam Scanlogic Biometric Lock Retrofit Kit


  • Uses your Unique Fingerprint as the Combination
  • Can also Use Multi-digit Code
  • Highly Secure
  • Quick Operation
  • Can be Retrofitted to your Existing Safe
  • Simple Programming Instructions
  • LCD Screen
  • 3 Finishes to Choose From
  • Installation By a Professional Locksmith is Recommended

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Browning Retrofit Kit SecuRam Browning SecuRam Scanlogic Biometric Lock Retrofit Kit

Redefine your security experience with the Browning Securam Scanlogic Biometric Lock Retrofitting Kit. For a gun safe that is stuck in the dark ages, these Gun Safe Accessories from Browning allow you to use your unique fingerprint or a multi-digit code to quickly and easily access your hidden goods. With simple programming instructions and an easy to read LCD screen, your old and trusty safe can find new life thanks to the Securam Scanlogic Biometric Lock Retrofit Set. (installation by a professional locksmith is recommended)


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