Browning Sargent and Greenleaf Electronic Lock Retrofit Kit


  • Easily Convert your Mechanical Lock to an Electric Lock
  • Multi-number Key Code for Entry
  • 3 Finishes to Choose From
  • Includes Installation DVD but Installation by a Professional Locksmith is Recommended

S&G Electronic Lock Retrofit Kit * 

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Due to high shipping costs we do not ship to U.S. states of WA, OR and CA



Browning Retrofit Kit S & G Browning S & G Electronic Lock Retrofit Kit

Only you can access your safe when you install the Browning S&G Electronic Lock Keypad Retrofit Kit on your preexisting ProSteel safe. Allowing you to easily switch from mechanical locks to electric, these Gun Safe Accessories created by Browning uses a responsive keypad to log one multi-number key code to permit entry. Saving you time when accessing your guns or valuables, now there is no more tedious twisting and turning required thanks to the S&G Electronic Lock Retrofit Set. This set also includes installation DVD but installation by a professional locksmith is recommended.



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