Browning Pro Series Prestige PRS49T 49 Guns

  • 10 Gauge Steel
  • Tall- Wide Size Safe
  • Corner Bolts
  • Lighting
  • DPX Door Package
  • Exclusive to Pro Series Dealers
  • 48 Cubic Feet
  • 43 Long Gun Capacity
  • 14 Locking Bolts
  • 1700º 110 Minutes Fire Rating
  • Dimensions  44w x 72h x 27.5d Depth includes handle
  • Weight  1320 lbs


Prestigious firearm protection perfection — queen sized.

The Browning Prestige 49T Gun Safe is truly worthy of admiration – make sure you choose the right size safe to fit your storage needs and space availability. The Series model PRS49T is the second largest safe in the Prestige line, classified as a Tall Wide safe. It’s spacious and modular interior is equipped to securely store 49 long guns, with room to spare for your other valuables.

The tall interior of the Browning Prestige 49T Gun Safe, will accommodate larger guns – such as .50 caliber long range rifles.

The exterior dimensions of the PRS49T are designed to take up wall space instead of floor space; the safe projects a mere 26″ from rear to front, creating a less obtrusive footprint that can be easily accommodated in just about any living space in your home.

 Browning Pro Series — Specialty Gun Safe Dealers.

Pro Series Safes are a special gun safe line offered by only selected Browning Safe Speciality Dealers  — This provides you the best service knowing that you are dealing with the highest quality products and after-sale service. Pro Series dealers are specially selected to go the extra mile and

  • Assist in the careful customization of your safe
  • Provide delivery of your gun safe in a professional and safe manner, using the best in heavy furniture moving equipment and techniques to assure your safe is installed safely in your home.
  • Pro Series dealers are professionals carrying the appropriate insurance for handling your new safe.
    Pro Series safes can only be purchased through select Pro Series dealers. All other Browning guns safes are available through authorized Browning dealers. The Safe House is an approved Browning Pro Series Dealer.


Body Thickness 10 Gauge Steel
Door Type/Thickness Duo-Formed 1 5/16″
Locking System Gear Drive
Locking Bolt Size 4″ x 1″, MAX
Locking Bolts Side Coverage 4 Sides
Pry-Stop Bolts 4 Pry-Stop MAX Corner Bolts
Inner Plate Specification Full 1/4″ Plate
Lock S & G Mechanical
Lock Protection Feature 2 Hard Plates 1/4″ Thick
Reinforced Door Frame  4-Sided, Full Reinforcement

Fire Protection

Insulation Thickness Up to 2 1/2″
Fire Seal Triple-Fin Palusol
Fire Rating 1700° F/110 Min.


Hinge Caps Black Nickel
LED Lighting Package Yes
Interior Covering  Suede and Top Panels
Handle Knurled, 5-Spoke, Black Nickel


180° hinges Yes
Raised Floors Yes
Storage Solution/Interior Simulated Leather Trim DPX with Quick Access Barrel Rack
DPX Handgun Pouches/Hooks 2 Pouches, 5 Hooks
Scope Saver 4 Scoped Rifles
Axis Accessories Included Jewelry Box, File Box, 5-Gun Pistol Rack

    Pry-Stop Corner Bolts

Browning MAX Corner Bolt

Browning MAX Corner Bolt

MAX Pry-Stop Corner Bolts provide better protection than other pry-defense designs. Innovative long locking bolts extend diagonally from a reinforced support at the corners of the door to protect against pry attack at the vulnerable corner areas.

 Gear Drive Locking System

This locking system uses robust cam locks and a large, multiple diversion bar system to prevent bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. Forces go to the cams and diversion bars, not the lock. A 300° rotating gear makes operation of this mechanism three times easier to turn.


Browning Thermablock Fire Protection, The Safe House

Browning Thermablock Fire Protection, The Safe House

Click HERE to View Thermablock video



When heat builds and flames roar, ThermaBlock ensures that your valuables are well protected. Exclusive to Browning ProSteel safes, ThermaBlock features thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design that minimizes gaps that would allow the internal temperature in the safe to rise during a fire.

With ThermaBlock’s advantages, we begin fire-testing safes where the other brands’ testing ends. The chart shows that a Browning ProSteel safe with ThermaBlock and external hinges offers fire protection as much as three times better than a safe with internal hinges and gaps in fire protection that leave your valuables unprotected.


We understand that fire protection is more than just adding fire insulation to a safe. Other aspects of safe construction play crucial roles in the total fire protection package. Here, the little details add up to make or break the true fire protection a safe offers.

The thickness of the steel used in the body is vital. Heavier gauge steel flexes less when heated, limiting distortion that lets heat in through gaps in broken welds and around the door frame. Speaking of welds, we continuously weld — not spot weld like some of the competition — every seam for added resistance to heat-related flex. Even the door hinge design matters. All of these little touches add up to big gains in fir e and heat resistance and go a long w ay towards protecting your most valuable possessions.

Scope Saver – A revolution in scoped gun storage.

Any way you look at it, a scoped long gun takes up the same space of two guns in your safe, except with the DPX Scope Saver. The Scope Saver takes advantage of space no other manufacturer has ever thought of using (the space in the door) to fit a scope.

With the scope recessed in the door, the scoped gun takes up no more space than an un-scoped long gun. And because the Scope Saver is integrated into the DPX door panel, your scoped long guns are right at your fingertips, easy to access as soon as the door swings open.

Why do we call it the Scope Saver? First it saves your scope from being potentially bumped as it is taken in and out of a conventional rack locations and second, it saves space for other guns by utilizing unused space in the door itself. And it does it without compromising security or fire protection.

The Scope Saver is neatly molded into the door panel and uses the space in the door to create space for optics mounted on long guns. This unique, one of a kind rack maximizes long gun storage and isolates and protects your expensive optics from the usual bumps that occur when you’re moving guns in and out of your safe. This way your scope doesn’t have a chance to lose its zero.

Browning’s Premium safes that are 37″ or wider have two Scope Savers in the door that will fit four scoped long guns.

In addition, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that the DPX Scope Saver feature doesn’t compromise the fire protection of your safe in any way. Your guns and other important possessions are as safe as they can be, come what may.

Look for the DPX Storage System and the exclusive Scope Saver on Browning ProSteel Premium safes.

Premium safes that are 37″ or wider have two Scope Savers in the door that will fit four scoped long guns.



Additional information

Weight 1320 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 44 × 72 in
Cubic Feet



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