Browning Personal Vault PV900 BioMetric


  • Ideal for Home or Office
  • Bolt-down Capable ( 2 or 4 corners)
  • External Electrical Contacts
  • 14-Gauge Steel Body
  • Four Button Key Pad
  • Interior LED Lights
  • Dimensions  9.25 x 11 x 8
  • 16 lbs

Browning Personal Vault PV900 * 

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Browning Personal Vault PV900 BioMetric

Whether keeping a handgun available for instant protection from bad guys or keeping cash and small valuables secure, trust a Browning ProSteel pistol vault. These feature-packed vaults have sturdy steel walls and include safe-like security measures for superior protection from break-in.The PV900 Biometric is made from tough 14 gauge steel and features both a programmable 4-button electronic lock and biometric pad that will allow you to easily and quickly gain access to your home protection firearm or other valuables.




 Locking Bolts

  • Two tough, solid locking bolts secure the door

Browning PV 1500 Locking Bolts













  • Plenty of space for pistols and valuables

Browning PV 1500 Inside









LED Lighting

  • LED lighting illuminates the interior making it easy to locate the Vaults contents


Browning PV500 LED Lighting



Batteries Dead?  Forgot Your Combination?

  • Access the PV1500 anytime using its unique 4 sided key

SBrowning Manual Key PV1500



  • If the batteries fail, the PV1500 includes external electrical contacts which power your keypad

Browning Pistol Vaults





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