Wonderful people and EXCELLENT service!!

Mark, Dixie, Josh, and Carlos from the Nashville Safe House deserve the highest amount of praise in helping me purchase and take delivery of my new safe. I strongly recommend The Safe House and its entire crew. Mark and Dixie showed tremendous patience with me while I shopped for my new safe. I never felt rushed or that I was not worth their time even after spending hours in the showroom, and all of my questions were answered with complete expertise. The shopping experience was painless, and The Safe House definitely has the best prices that I’ve seen anywhere. The excellent delivery service is worth its weight in gold. My safe was delivered promptly after being recieved from the manufacturer. Josh and Carlos displayed the highest amount of courtesy and professionalism and successfully delivered my 1,600 pound safe into some very tight quarters. They are very experienced and take great care in what they are doing. Take my word for it, the Nashville Safe House is THE place to call if you are in the market. Thank you to everyone involved at The Safe House for helping me acquire such a wonderful asset!!