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Browning Triple Summer Rebate

Hello Nashville — Summer-time is here and it is HOT!!!                                                   >>>  So are the Savings at The Safe House  <<<

Browning is launching their  T R I P L E  SUMMER  REBATE !!!

Save up to $150, $225, or $300 with Browning’s rebate AND, we said the Savings are HOT  >>>> Drop by our showroom for EXTRA savings from The Safe House in addition to Browning’s Triple Rebate!

      (Terms and conditions apply –  EXTRA Savings apply to In-Store Purchase only).

And for more savings, Gun Safes are Sales Tax-Free in Tennessee!


Add Savings on a new Browning Safe with Browning Safe Rebates on all Browning ProSteel and Pro Series Safes June from 15th through July 31st at The Safe House, the largest Browning Safe Dealer in the United States with over 500 Safes in stock of all shapes and sizes. Once you select the safe that best fits your security needs, we will help process your Browning Safe rebate from Browning.


Browning ProSteel Pro Series Gun Safes

All Pro Series Safes incorporate all of Browning’s most trusted security features, including a heavy-duty steel body for unmatched strength. The outer finish is flawless and surrounds a luxuriously appointed interior that is versatile and attractive to the eye placed in any safe room or storage area. Visit this link to see much of our Browning Pro Series Gun Safes.



About the Safe House

The Safe House is a family-run business now serving customers throughout the Southeast United States in Nashville and Knoxville TN with our newest store in Atlanta, GA, and online at The Safe House Store. We are proud to have served our customers for over 29 years with the largest and best selection of quality Home Safes, Jewelry Safes, Gun Safes, Commercial Safes, Business Safes, and Vault doors with over 500 safes in stock from fourteen safe manufacturers. We are the place to buy a safe in Tennessee and the Southeast United States. We also manufacture and sell The Safe House Storm/Tornado shelter. We fully understand the importance of carrying only top-quality products that offer you the best value for your money.


Browning Jewelry Safes – Home Safes, Exclusive to The Safe House



Exclusive at The Safe House,  New Browning HSD Series Jewelry Safe and Home Safe.  Upgraded Security and Fire Protection for your most valuable items. 

These new models feature:

  • 7 Gauge ( 3/16 ) Body Construction
  • 1/4 inch Plate / Combination Composite Door
  • 100 Minute Fire Rating
  • 3/4″ Max Bolts on all 4 Sides of the Door
  • Adjustable AXIS Shelving and Door Accessory Panel
  • 2 Jewelry Drawers and File Holder Included
  • Gloss or Textured Finishes
  • Mechanical or Electronic Locks
  • 3 Sizes to Choose from:  HSD 19 , HSD 13 and the HSD 10





Fort Knox Jewelry Home Safes NEW !

Fort Knox Jewelry & Home Safes.

Want the best security for your Jewelry and High Value Items?

Fort Knox is the name you can trust to secure your valuables.

Just arrived at The Safe House,

Fort Knox JS6024 and JS4024 Jewelry / Home Safes,  We are the only Safe Speciality Dealer in the Southeast that has these safes.





Drop by one of our Showrooms in Nashville TN  – Knoxville TN – Atlanta GA and take a look at real security from Fort Knox Safes .



Don’t Buy a “FAKE SAFE”

We have many phone calls and customers dropping by our three different showrooms asking us about cheap safes that they see at a big box store or on the internet.  They ask why those safes are so much cheaper than the ones we carry.  I explain that most of the safes they are looking at are “FAKE SAFES” .  Why do I call them “FAKE SAFES”?  Well because they are made of thin metal with weak spot welds and little to no fire protection.  Even though they are called safes , nothing could be farther from the truth.  Ask your self if you want to store your guns , important items and valuables in a “FAKE SAFE”?  Come by our showroom and let us show you what a REAL SAFE looks like and don’t trust the security of your valuables to a cheap “FAKE SAFE”.


Summer is Home Break In Time, You Need a Safe Now !

Summer is a time to relax,   Schools out , head out on vacation and take your shoes off and let your guard down ( well not really )  .  As you relax for the summer months it pays to know that July and August are the months were break ins increase.  Make sure you take steps to protect your home and valuables when you’re away during the summer months.  When you leave your home, always make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked , also don’t forget about the garage door , this can be an easy access point for potential burglars!

So how can you protect your valuables if a thief does gain access to your home.  Contact The Safe House and speak to one of our Safe Experts and we can help you select a safe that will fit your needs.

We carry a full line of quality Home & Gun Safes , we even have Vault Doors. Our brands include, Browning ProSteel Gun & Home Safes, Fort Knox Safes , Champion / Superior Gun Safes, Rhino Ironworks Gun & Home Safes,

Browning AXIS Interior , Largest Gun Capacity on the Market


One-of-a-kind adjustable shelving.

The lastest innovation from Browning ProSteel is the Axis Shelf System. It is simply the most versatile gun safe interior ever designed. Period. The Axis Shelving System is a break-though development for gun safe interiors. For the first time ever you have a totally modular system that let’s you customize your gun safe interior exactly the best way to maximize space, protect guns and improve accessibility. Browning ProSteel continues to lead not only in providing the best security for your guns and valuables, but also in making it easy and convenient to access them.

  • Browning ProSteel safes lead the industry when it comes to safe interior storage.
  • The exclusive Axis Adjustable Shelving (U.S. patent #D662341) is a completely customizable system with an array of shelves that can be configured to meet virtual every need.
  • Unlike shelves in the competitions’ safes that are either fixed in position or only off vertical adjustment, Axis shelves can be adjusted up and down, side to side, added removed to accommodate items over a broad range of sizes.
  • Axis maximizes interior storage of long guns, handguns and other valuables.
  • Several different, specific shelves and accessories are available as options (see page to further customize the interior to meet your specific needs.
  • The Axis shelf is made from a single piece of sturdy steel.
  • Shelves are clad in a soft, protective polymer coating that is highly durable and desi to protect guns and valuables. It also adds a sleek appearance to the safe interior.
  • Axis accessories are designed to easily mount to the solid steel shelf or barrel rack. (Compatible with safes that feature Axis Adjustable Shelving built in 2013 or later.)

Nashville Safe House Safe Destruction Video “We Blow up a Cheap Safe”

You have heard of Fake News?  Well there are “Fake Safes” on the market that provide very little protection for your valuables from theft or fire damage.  Check out our latest video where we test two quality Browning ProSteel safes against 2 cheap big box safes and a internet only safe.  You will be surprised how little protect the cheap safes provide.   Enjoy the video and contact us or come by and see our selection of quality safes.

Nashville Safe House Owner Update

As the Founder and Owner of The Safe House I pride myself in offering the best safe products ( not the cheapest ) found on the market today. For over 24 years we have offered our customers the best selection of Safes and Vault Doors in the Southeast. The Safe House Sales Crew strives everyday to provide our customers with professional and discrete security services, we will tell you the truth about security , not just something to sell you a safe. Our Discrete and Professional Safe Delivery and Safe Moving Services use the best and most efficient equipment in the industry and are second to none. Ask yourself who is working the crew delivering or moving your safe? Don’t trust your security to a furniture company or moving company with minimum wage unqualified workers that will have access to your combination and other personal information.  Don’t trust your valuables security to just anyone, call the Professionals at The Safe House.

The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory….. aldo gucci

If you have questions or concerns please contact me personally.
Mark Brasfield , Owner

You Need a Safe – Now !

In the past 23 years that The Safe House has been selling Safes & Vaults we have never seen the uncertainty that exist in our country as it does today.  With illegal immigration, the Federal Government bring in Islamic immigrates and the chance of terrorism growing everyday.  Our political parties fighting each other for control of the country. The Supreme Court on the verge of ruling to restrict your 2nd amendment rights.  Local city and state governments imposing laws that limit your freedom to defend yourself and your family. Federal laws that allow search and confiscation of safe deposit box contents and bank accounts, the daily increase of the federal deficit to over 18 TRILLION dollars and the impending collapse of our monetary system.  Deep breath . . . . . . . .AND the list goes on and on.

Now more than ever,

You Need a Safe …… NOW !

Uncle Sam Billboard

Call or drop by one of our showrooms and we would be happy to discuss with you the options that we offer to protect your most valued possessions.


Vault Doors & Panic Rooms from The Safe House

Our Vault Door and Panic Room business has been booming this past year and we wanted to share a few things with you concerning the things to consider when purchasing a Vault Door or Security Door.

1st:  Just like a Home Safe or Gun Safe ,Pick a door to fit your needs, when choosing a Vault Door there are many things to consider,  Size of the door, Metal Thickness , number of Locking Bolts and their Size , In Swing or Out Swing .  ( In Swing is better on a Storm Shelter or Panic Room )  What Brand to choose.  Will I need my door installed or can I do it myself?

Fort Knox VD Blue      FK IS VD Inside

2nd : Pick a brand that you know is reputable and will stand behind their warranty if needed.  Be wary of online companies that have statements on their websites that seem to be to good to be true, because they usually are.

3rd:  When designing your safe room pick a door before you get to the building phase of your project , most Vault Doors and Security Doors have different rough opening requirements and you need to make your door opening to fit the brand you choose, nothing is worse ( well maybe somethings ) than having the wrong rough opening for you door and it not fitting correctly or not at all.

Amsec VD OutSwing

4th: Who can install my door?  The Safe House offers professional Vault Door Installation and can help you with a smooth and easy installation of your Vault Door.

5th:  Call or Drop by The Safe House , for over 23 years we have been helping our customers in selecting the correct Vault Door to fit their needs and budget . We would be happy to answer YOUR questions or concerns you have in selecting the correct door.

Browning IS Plain Front           20160701_151539         Vault Pro Front          Browning IS Open          Amsec VD OutSwing           Browning IS VD

These are a few pictures of Vault Door and Panic Room installations that we have done this year.  Let us help your choose the door thats best for you and your family.


Uncle Safe no hat The Safe House   Don’t Trust your Security to just any Company , Call The Safe House today !


The Safe House featured on News 2 Nashville:

Clarksville man seeks shelter in panic room during attempted robbery